Explody Bomb

Wii U™

North American Release:
September 10th, 2015 (ongoing updates)

One player

Wii U™ GamePad

Summary (English):
In EXPLODY BOMB you must play the role of aggressor and defender. On the television screen you must shoot down all enemies that attempt to attack you! On the Wii U™ GamePad you must guide your bomb between all obstacles! Quickly divert your attention between the two displays to try to rack up the highest score possible! How far can you make it before either your plane or your bomb is destroyed? Try out EXPLODY BOMB and try to obtain the highest score!

Summary (Spanish):
En EXPLODY BOMB usted debe atacar y defenderse al mismo tiempo. ¡En la pantalla de su televisión debe disparar a todos los enemigos que intentan atacarlo! Use el Wii U™ GamePad para guiar a su bomba entre todos los obstáculos! ¡Preste atención a las dos pantallas para tratar de acumular el puntaje más alto! ¿Hasta dónde podrá llegar sin que su avión o su bomba sean destruidos? ¡Juegue a EXPLODY BOMB y trate de lograr el puntaje más alto!

Summary (French):
Dans EXPLODY BOMB vous devez jouer le rôle d’agresseur et le défenseur. Sur l’écran de télévision, vous devez abattre tous les ennemis qui tentent de vous attaquer! Utilisez le Wii U™ GamePad pour guider votre bombe entre tous les obstacles! Détourner votre attention rapidement entre les deux écrans pour tenter d’accumuler le plus de points possible! Jusqu’où pouvez-vous faire avant soit votre avion ou votre bombe est détruite? Essayez EXPLODY BOMB et essayer d’obtenir le meilleur score!

Screenshots (Television):
WUP-N_AEXE_gameplay1 WUP-N_AEXE_gameplay2 WUP-N_AEXE_gameplay3 WUP-N_AEXE_gameplay4 WUP-N_AEXE_gameplay5

Screenshots (Wii U­™ GamePad):

Press Release(s):


8th September 2015 – On Thursday September 10, 2015 Alkterios Games LLC launches its debut Wii U™ game, EXPLODY BOMB, exclusively on Nintendo’s Wii U™ eShop in North America, Canada, and Mexico. It is a challenging score buster that combines the mechanics and difficulty of Flappy Bird with traditional arcade space shooters.

Players control a pilot delivering a bomb across a futuristic city. On the television, you must guide the pilot between obstacles while shooting down all enemies. On the Wii U™ GamePad, you must guide the bomb in between buildings without crashing. Carefully divert your attention between both displays and try to rack up a high score. Share your results on Miiverse™ and compete with your friends.

EXPLODY BOMB is the first of four budget titles being released for the Wii U™ in the North American market by Alkterios Games LLC in 2015. It will be available on the Wii U eShop for $1.99 USD/$2.69 CAD/$35 PESO. Other games include HOLD YOUR FIRE: A GAME ABOUT RESPONSIBILITY (late Sept. 2015), MAGICAL MONSTER BALLZ (October 2015) and INVISISQUID IN SPOOKY SHOALS (December 2015). Please go to http://www.alkteriosgames.com for more news on these and future Alkterios Games LLC titles.


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